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Scientific Output

This is the serious stuff! We will publish here our main scientific outputs, dividing them in public scientific talks/meetings and publications. Also, we have included a section with deadlines for some of the most important archaeological meetings. Have a look if you don't want to forget sending that abstract in time!!

ArchBiMod is an active research project, and will be present at numerous archaeological events in order to confront its work in progress and disseminate its results. Have a look here to keep up.

Another crucial part of ArchBiMod's scientific outputs is the publication of its results in peer-reviewed journals. In this section you'll find some of the cool research we're developing.

Regardless of whether we are able to attend or not, there are some archaeological events that is worth keeping in mind. Here we provide the deadlines for some of them. Feel free to contact if you want your event added to this list!

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